On Appreciation

There are times when we doubt ourselves, asking and questioning our very own essence, whether we took the right path, are we where we were supposed to be, are we happy and what can we do to strive for better quality of life and achievement.

Occasionally, these remain unanswered for some time, therefore, we search and search, longing for an answer, we go to a cinema, an art gallery, buy a self-help book, listen to music and they help us feel better just for a brief moment because we look for the intrapersonal answer for the interpersonal question. What if these do not answer our questions because we lack the sense of appreciation and the reason being is we never attempt to appreciate them during those times.

A little suggestion (the least we could do for our fellow earth-walkers) is we all should learn with our compassionate hearts to see things and feel things differently, use a different glasses to gaze at a more detail picture, equip a new pair of shoes to walk a different soil, a different palette to taste, a different heart to be touched by a different soul, then we can realize how fascinated it is to be suffered in this place called earth.


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