On Friendship

“The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others,” Erik Erikson.

One of the biggest elements of life is the relationship, particularly friendship. Surely, we all have friends and we are someone’s friends, but do we take them seriously enough as it should? What if I suggest that our duty in being a good friend resonates with being a good human being, it is our thoughts, our actions and our choices that would be defined by others as well. What if I propose that one encouragement utter by yourself can transform a person’s belief and vice versa. The impact of a friend is far greater than what we realized, the story told by a friend is more convincing than any research conducted by the most reliable in the field. In returns, if a friend tells you something you are likely to be persuaded by the information. The guard we have suddenly faded when a friend is present, however, if you reconsider this it is the best opportunity to grasp in order to motivate, to inspire, to imprint hope, greatness, justness which later could be expanded to the society and finally to the world.

Let me conclude this by posing two questions to you, would you be your own friend and through friendship how can you change this world?

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