On Lifestyle

Lifestyle, a term we all heard countless times in our lives, but what is it? Is this merely a concept established for an incomprehensible abstract idea we cannot grasp?

Is this to be searched for, or it is something one must instigate? Is it a collection of individual’s preference, objects they buy, clothes they wear, the food they ingest, books they read, the music they listen to, the occupation they choose, the ideology they possess, belief they subscribe to, where they are located or the way they live their lives?

We firmly believe it is organic, it can change, it changes constantly and it will continue to change, one vital aspect to this term is that it is not to be fit in any category, since you can dissect the word into two ‘life’ and ‘style’, it is the individuality of expression and selection of one’s own way. Therefore, define your own life and style, and do not define others.

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