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Great furniture designs can be mixed with other products, materials, and designs without any rules or boundaries drawn to define the aesthetics of homes and apartments. Therefore, we named the table after German Existentialist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to portray and communicate with our customers in accordance with his philosophy of life. 

The table is created to function with an individual, therefore, the whole table requires to be light enough to operate with one person and at the same time heavy enough to stand as a décor. The interaction happens when a person lifts the top 90 degrees vertically and grasps on the leg piece then pull out to support the top. This operation can serve as a table for one person or two people, and when done the same on the other side can be seated up to four people. 


Collapsed L65 x W7 x H75 cm.

Expanded one side L65 x W73 x H75 cm.

Expanded both sides L65 x W153 x H75 cm.