Tips For Your Living Room Sofa

23 August 2021
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The sofa can be one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. In addition to being one of the largest and most noticeable pieces of furniture, the sofa will also be a piece of furniture that you will use for countless hours.

Provide A Foot Rest

When you are buying a new sofa, you should consider the benefit of having a footrest. This will have the benefit of making the sofa a more comfortable place to be, but it can also provide practical benefits for the sofa itself. In particular, the presence of a footrest will decrease the tendency for some people to put their feet on the sofa. This could significantly increase the wear on the fabric of the sofa by the sharp edges of the shores, and it can also help stop the transfer of dirt to the sofa. Luckily, many sofa retailers can also provide matching footrests that can complement this important piece of furniture.

Apply A Fabric Guard To The New Sofa

A fabric guard can be another way of protecting your sofa as it will significantly reduce the amount of staining that the fabric may experience. These coatings work by closing the openings in the fibers so that pigments won't get trapped in these spaces. Applying a fabric guard will only take a few minutes as these products are gently applied using aerosol cans. After applying the fabric guard, you will only need to wait a couple of hours before it is dried and the sofa can be safely used again. To be effective, this guard will need to be thoroughly applied to the entire sofa as any areas that you miss will be far more vulnerable to staining and discoloration.

Choose A Sofa That Is A Versatile Color

Due to the central role that your sofa will play in the design of your living room, it can be useful to choose a sofa that has a neutral color. When you choose a sofa that has a neutral color, it will be more likely to work with color schemes and designs that you may want to implement in the future. Otherwise, you may need to invest in replacing the sofa or having it reupholstered to match the design you want to create for your living room. As an added benefit, neutral colors can be easier to maintain as fading will be less noticeable with them, and they can make some stains more difficult to notice.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for Alenya sofas for sale near you.