Choosing The Right Outdoor BBQ

31 August 2021
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When you decide to get an outdoor BBQ, you need to decide what one is going to work out the best for you. This means determining what type will be best, what size you need, and a few other factors. This guide on choosing the right outdoor BBQ will be a good place to begin. 

Determine what type of grill will work best

The first step in choosing the right outdoor BBQ for your home is to decide what type you want. The three main types are propane grills, pellet grills, and charcoal grills. Once you know the type you want, you will have more direction on what to look for. Here are some of the benefits of propane, pellet, and charcoal grills.

Propane grill benefits

  • They are convenient

  • They cook the food fast

  • They make it easy to get the grilling started

  • They are more friendly for the environment

Pellet grill benefits 

  • They offer so many flavor options

  • They offer a wide temperature range

  • They are extremely consistent

  • They offer an even heat 

Charcoal grill benefits

  • They can achieve extremely high heats

  • They offer their own fantastic flavor

  • They are known for producing juicy meats

  • They tend to be cheaper to purchase

Determining what size of grill you want 

You need to think about the size you really should have before you buy an outdoor BBQ. If you purchase the wrong size, then it can be a real inconvenience if it's too small. It can also be a waste of money if it's too large. 

You need to take your family size into account and determine how many pieces of meat you would be cooking for the family when you are grilling. Then, you also need to think about how many times you have people over and how many people you are normally feeding. If you only have people over once or twice a year, then it may be best to buy the size that accommodates your family and just stand at the grill longer for those once or twice a year get-togethers. If you have people over quite frequently, then you may do best buying a large enough grill to accommodate that number of people. 

Determine what other features you want

There are many different types of features outdoor BBQ grills can have, and you need to know what ones could be good for your family before you buy. Some of these features include side burners, wireless connectivity, LED light-up controls, gas gauges, cover windows, and more.