Three Advantages Of Having Whiteboard Tables In Your Office

16 September 2021
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When most people picture a whiteboard in an office setting, they think about something that hangs from the wall. Whiteboards are immensely valuable in virtually every office setting, but it's important to know that wall-mounted whiteboards aren't your only option. If you're looking for a unique type of office furniture, consider one or more whiteboard tables. As their name suggests, these are tables that have a whiteboard as the tabletop, allowing people to write directly onto this surface with dry-erase markers. Here are some advantages of using whiteboard tables in your office.

They Encourage Collaboration

A big reason to start using whiteboard tables is that they can encourage your employees to collaborate. When you sit down to a meeting at this type of table and begin discussing a project, different employees can grab their markers and start sharing ideas. For example, if your company is designing something, someone may sketch a basic rendering onto the table, and a colleague may add some ideas to that rendering. This type of collaboration isn't as easy with a conventional table, as people would be sharing pieces of paper instead of using the table itself.

They Discourage Forgetfulness

As a manager, it can be frustrating to assign a task to someone during a meeting, only for that person to forget about it afterward. This type of forgetfulness won't likely be as common when you start using a whiteboard table for your meetings. For example, you can ask someone to write down action items directly onto the table, and then make a point of leaving this list on the table for several days after the meeting. Even if a staff member initially forgets the task they've been assigned, they can consult the table to help remember what they need to do.

They Offer An Innovative Feel

Employees love seeing when their companies are making innovative decisions, and innovation can even come in the form of what furniture options are available in the workplace. A company's commitment to innovation can even help it attract good candidates for jobs. When you add some whiteboard tables to your office, you're making a commitment to being innovative, rather than just using standard/traditional tables. Many companies don't use this type of office furniture, so when your employees see these tables, they'll feel excited. Visit an office furniture store to look at its selection of tables, including whiteboard tables that you can use for meetings with your staff.