3 Amazing Benefits Of Solid Wood Stand Up Desks In The Workplace

20 September 2021
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Are you concerned about your health because of being tied to your desk the whole day? Changing your conventional desk for a standing desk can make a dramatic improvement on your general welfare. Stand-up desks, also known as sit-stand, adjustable, or uplift desks, are increasingly popular in health-conscious workplaces. Solid wood stand-up desks promote a healthy lifestyle and are also visually appealing fixtures in any office. There are big benefits of  introducing these desks  to your workplace:

1. Avoid Neck and Back Pain 

Complaints of neck and back pain are common among people who spend their days seated at a desk. It is normal to lean forward when concentrating on a task on your computer. But this poor posture is detrimental to your neck and back health. In the long term, it causes spine curvature, which causes chronic neck and back pains. 

Solid wood stand-up desks enforce a proper posture. Putting the workspace at eye level eliminates the need to lean forward and prolonged time in a C-shape posture. Your spine is placed as it was naturally designed, which eliminates the risks of neck strain and lower back pain. 

2. Improved Weight Management 

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the top causes of weight gain and obesity. Sitting down at a desk for long periods slows down your metabolism. You use significantly fewer calories than you take in, which translates to weight gain. Overweight and obesity bring about risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. 

Working at stand-up desks forces your body to burn more calories since it takes more energy to stand up than sit. The small movements you make while standing up at the desk are very beneficial in the long term. They keep your major lower-body muscles at work and develop more muscle fiber, burning more calories.  

You avert metabolic syndrome, which is the general term for health complications from overweight and obesity. Better bodyweight management also boosts self-confidence because of staying in shape. 

3. Boost Productivity 

Good health is vital to productivity in a workplace. You will realize quickly the impact of introducing solid wood stand-up desks as the team's overall health improves. A higher metabolic rate keeps a person energized throughout the day. Your team will feel more alert and motivated. 

In the long-term, it means lower illness-related absenteeism because improved health translates to boosted immunity. There will be fewer complaints of neck and back pain, common colds, or migraines. It does a lot to improve your team's productivity and overall business performance.

Are you looking for ways to promote healthy work practices? Talk to a furniture supplier about solid wood stand-up desks for your office.