Making A Movie? Where To Get Your Props

23 September 2021
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When it comes to making movies that are believable and engaging, you need the right props. It's not that hard to find available vintage movie props if you know where to look, and nearly any piece of furniture or other design items can be used in movies if you are creative enough to see their vision.

Finding vintage movie props for sale can be done by using this guide. Choose the ways you want to shop for what you need based on what's available in your area and the type of vintage props you desire. For example, you may find more furnishings and clothing for movies at an estate sale than you might at an auction, so be wise in how you look for vintage movie props for sale and you should be able to get what you need.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are excellent for finding vintage movie props because you can locate nearly anything you need all in one place at a great bargain. Whether you need jewelry items, wall hangings, clothing, suitcases, shoes, or even tables or other furnishings, if you frequent thrift stores often, you'll find what you need. Ask a store manager when they restock the shelves of their thrift store and at what times so you can venture through areas before they have been picked over.

Estate sales

Estate sales are excellent sources for finding quality vintage movie props because these sales usually occur following the death or move of someone elderly. The items within the homes of estate sales are sold off in their entirety, which means you can find vintage lamps, instruments, war memorabilia, books, and other vintage items easily all in one place. An auctioneer or estate sale manager may be in charge of these types of sales and can tell you in advance what will be put out for sale so you can plan accordingly. Vintage movie props can be found in abundance at estate sales.

Auction houses/pawn shops

If you need vintage movie props that are very specific or collector items, such as vintage dolls, coins, weapons, fainting couches or other old-era furnishings, or even record players and music, then you need to visit a more niche location. Either a pawn shop or an auction house can meet your needs when it comes to vintage movie props, although you may not get these items as cheaply as you might going another route.