Like A Lovely Bed? Two Reasons To Go With A Bed Skirt Alternative

8 November 2021
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A beautifully adorned bed can be the highlight of any bedroom. Well-made beds send a signal of luxury and are usually comprised of many different pieces. There are often several pillows, a plush comforter, and thick sheets that make sleeping on them a pure delight. Another aspect of the overall bedding is a bed skirt. Bed skirts, sometimes called dust ruffles, are used to hide the box spring, keep dust from accumulating beneath the bed and act as the perfect tool to conceal any suitcases or items you have stored just beneath the spring. If you're thinking of adding a bed skirt to your current setup, see why you should opt for an alternative.

Bed Skirts Can Be Difficult To Maintain

Trying to keep your bed skirt level and in place can be a job all within itself. This is especially true if you or your partner are particularly wild sleepers. As you rearrange your body throughout the night, your mattress shifts in tiny increments. Don't be surprised if you wake up in the morning to find your bed skirt in complete and total disarray!

Also, bed skirts are notoriously hard to apply and maintain. In order to get the skirt just right you have to completely remove the mattress, lay down the material, and replace the top mattress without messing up the skirt. If this isn't done correctly, you must keep trying until you get it just right.

Bed skirt alternatives are so much easier for you to deal with. There are many different designs, but the main idea is that you won't have to move the mattress to keep the skirt in place. 

Create The Look You Want With A Bed Skirt Alternative

Traditionally speaking, bed skirts generally come bundled with a "bed-in-a-bag" combination. The skirt that comes with your comforter may be a good match as far as the color but maybe you long to create something that is totally unique. You can achieve this by using an alternative option instead.

Perhaps you like a pleated look while the skirt that came with the package is more solid. It wouldn't take very much to remove the portion of the skirt that would normally go under the mattress with a pair of scissors and use your sewing machine to bunch the material to your liking.

You can save so much time and hassle by choosing a bed skirt alternative. Make your selection and apply your substitute right away.