Three Businesses That Should Have Double Throne Chairs

15 February 2022
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While some people buy double throne chairs to add a regal look to their homes, this is a piece of furniture that can also work well in a business setting. Businesses use all sorts of furniture that combines functionality and style, and a double throne chair can certainly address both of these categories. When you visit a furniture store that carries several of these chairs in stock, you'll be able to assess the different designs and choose one that will work at your business. Here are three businesses that can benefit from the addition of a double throne chair.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels often have unique pieces of furniture for their guests to use. If you run this type of business and you're interested in the addition of some new furniture, consider a double throne chair. While you could theoretically add one of these chairs to each of your larger guestrooms, another option is to place one double throne chair in your lobby. Its large size makes it easy for two people to use it at the same time, which can be beneficial in this setting. For example, if you have people who are waiting for the valet to return with their vehicle, one of your staff members can invite them to take a seat on this comfortable piece of furniture.

Wedding Gown Store

A high-end wedding gown store is another business that can benefit from a double throne chair. People often visit these stores for extended periods of time; a bride-to-be may try on a significant number of gowns while their family members and friends wait. Having a double throne chair — perhaps with white leather or velvet to match the color of many of the surrounding gowns — can give people a comfortable place to relax while the bride-to-be is in a changing room. The large size of this chair also means that it can accommodate jackets, purses, and other accessories from the group.


If you run a spa, you likely put considerable effort into making the environment as visually pleasing as you can. One good way to add more style is using a double throne chair. Spas often strive to make their clientele feel like royalty during the visit, and there's perhaps no type of furniture that offers as regal a look as a double throne chair. You can add one of these chairs to your waiting area for people to use before their appointments.