Three Unique Adirondack Chairs To Buy

19 April 2022
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When you're buying pieces of outdoor furniture for the patio of your home, you want to choose products that offer a pleasing combination of comfort and style. When you visit an outdoor furniture shop, such as Georgia Patio, one product that can meet both criteria is an Adirondack chair. You'll see all sorts of standard Adirondack chairs, but you may also notice some unique models that you wish to buy. Depending on your outdoor furniture needs, one or more of these unique designs may be appealing to you.


While most Adirondack chairs are built to keep their shape, you'll also find models that you can fold. Adirondack chairs tend to be large, so the ability to decrease the chair's size by folding it can be handy. You might like these chairs enough that you want to take them camping. After folding them, it will be easier to place them in the trunk of your vehicle. Similarly, when you want to store your furniture in your garage or in another sheltered area over the winter, folding the Adirondack chairs will reduce their footprint.


A lot of people enjoy buying double Adirondack chairs to use in outdoor spaces where they need furniture for several people. Typically, a double Adirondack chair looks like two single chairs that are mounted together side by side. There will often be a flat surface between them, which you can use as an armrest or as a place to hold drinks and snacks. Double Adirondack chairs can be appealing during parties when two people decide they wish to sit together and converse. They can each sit down on one half of this piece of outdoor furniture and be close enough to easily communicate, even in a noisy environment.

Child Sized

The large size of Adirondack chairs makes them comfortable for adults, but perhaps too large for children. For example, a child who sits with their back against the chair's back support may struggle to get out of the chair, given its sloped shape. If you know that your kids will be excited about you buying some Adirondack chairs but you want to give them an option that is more suitable, consider buying one or more child-sized Adirondack chairs. Many of these chairs come in bright colors that children enjoy. If you're interested in standard Adirondack chairs and the many variations of this type of furniture, visit your local outdoor furniture retailer.