Common Mistakes In Upholstery Restoration And How To Avoid Them

15 August 2023
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Upholstery restoration is a delicate art that involves reviving old furniture and bringing it back to its former glory. But as with any craft, there are pitfalls that beginners and even experienced restorers can fall into.

Being aware of these common mistakes and understanding how to sidestep them is crucial for anyone looking to venture into the world of upholstery restoration.

Choosing the Wrong Fabric

One of the most frequent errors that individuals commit is selecting the wrong fabric. It's tempting to go for fabrics based purely on aesthetics. However, it's crucial to consider the furniture's original style, the durability needed, and the fabric's suitability for the specific piece. For instance, a delicate antique chair might not be well-suited for a heavy velvet, even if the color is perfect.

Not Stripping Upholstery Completely

In a bid to save time or cut costs, many skip the essential step of stripping old upholstery entirely before starting the restoration. By doing so, you might miss underlying damage or problems like weakened springs, rotting foam, or damaged frames. When restoring upholstery, it's essential to strip the furniture down to its bones. This step ensures that you're not just making the piece look better but genuinely restoring its structure and integrity.

Not Adding Padding

Proper padding doesn't just give the furniture its shape and comfort but also affects its longevity. Using substandard padding or not replacing old and degraded padding can result in a restoration job that looks good momentarily but deteriorates quickly.

Poor Fabric Alignment

Then there's the error of not properly aligning fabric patterns. Especially when working with patterned fabrics, it's vital to ensure that the design flows seamlessly across the piece. This includes matching patterns at the seams and ensuring symmetrical alignment. An improperly aligned fabric can be jarring and immediately gives away the piece as an amateur restoration.

Ignoring the Frame

The frame is the backbone of any upholstered piece. If it's weak, broken, or not adequately treated, the entire restoration effort becomes futile as the furniture might collapse or degrade rapidly. You can't ignore the bones of the furniture as you bring it new life.

Hire a Professional to Avoid Upholstery Restoration Mistakes

Upholstery restoration is a time-consuming and often tricky job. It's best to hire professionals if you're looking for a quality end result. Experienced upholsterers can help avoid any mistakes or oversights that could leave your piece worse off than when you started.

For more information on upholstery restoration, contact a professional near you.